10.2.17 - New group member

We welcome Cris Vera to the lab as a bioinformatics analyst. Cris will take point on the development and improvement of analysis pipelines for multiple projects in the lab.  


9.5.17 - New review article in Journal of Virology

Chris has a new review out on influenza virus population diversity in Journal of Virology. Check it out here.


8.24.17 - Press on our recent DARPA contract

The Institute for Genomic Biology and the School of Molecular and Cellular Biology here at Illinois have both done write-ups on our recent DARPA contract:


7.28.17 - A lot has happened over the past few months...

Meghan and Jiayi both passed their prelims. Also we have welcomed two new postdocs, Fadi Alnaji and Brigitte Martin, as well as a new research specialist, Kelsie Green, to the lab.