8.30.19 - New preprint

We have a new preprint out with Brigitte Martin as the lead author, defining the phenotypic consequences of cellular co-infection by influenza viruses. This work came out of a great collaboration with the Koelle group at Emory. See it here.

7.24.19 - ASV2019

The lab just got back from ASV in Minneapolis where Meghan, Jiayi, Brigitte, and Fadi gave awesome presentations and then apparently reassorted with the Mehle lab, giving rise to a new lab genotype with enhanced pandemic emergence potential:


Thanks to ASV for travel awards for both Fadi and Jiayi!

5.15.19 - Fadi’s paper is cover article in Journal of Virology

Check out the recent JVI cover based on Fadi’s paper, featuring animal illustrations by Allegra Raff:


4.22.19 - Lots of stuff

A lot has happened over the past few months:

- Fadi has a new paper using next-gen sequencing to map defective interfering particle-associated deletions across influenza A and B viruses, check it out here.

- Our DARPA contract has been renewed for another two years. Details on the INTERCEPT program here, and on our specific project here.

- A bunch of people in the lab won awards. Jiayi won a Carl DeBoer fellowship and an ASV travel award, Fadi won an ASV travel award, Morgan won a Helen Alford Hays Microbiology scholarship, and Izabella won an Oliver Bell scholarship.

10.30.18 - Jiayi’s paper out in mBio

Jiayi’s paper revealing a role for genomic heterogeneity within viral populations in regulating influenza virus superinfection potential is out in mBio. You can find it here.

10.13.18 - Lab paintball outing

Everyone survived! Check out the before and after shots:

9.21.18 - New NIH R01 grant

We just received an R01 from NIH to study how influenza virus genomic heterogeneity influences superinfection dynamics and the host response to infection.

8.8.18 - New review article by Meghan and Jiayi

Meghan Diefenbacher and Jiayi Sun have published a review on semi-infectious particles in Current Opinion in Virology as part of a special issue on multi-component virus systems. Check it out here

7.10.18 - Check us out at ASV2018

Multiple lab members will be presenting at ASV this year, come check them out:

Fadi Alnaji - W7-8: Longitudinal deep sequencing analysis of defective interfering particles during long-term influenza A virus passage

Meghan Diefenbacher - P24-9: Epistatic regulation of influenza A virus glycoprotein expression by nucleoprotein

Brigitte Martin - W26-10: In-depth analysis of the effects of MOI on influenza A virus replication dynamics

Jiayi Sun - W35-6: Influenza A virus superinfection potential is regulated by viral genomic heterogeneity

4.10.18 - ASV travel award

Congrats to Meghan Diefenbacher for winning an ASV travel award!! She will be presenting her work on epistatic regulation of glycoprotein gene expression. Be sure to check it out.

10.2.17 - New group member

We welcome Cris Vera to the lab as a bioinformatics analyst. Cris will take point on the development and improvement of analysis pipelines for multiple projects in the lab.   

9.5.17 - New review article in Journal of Virology

Chris has a new review out on influenza virus population diversity in Journal of Virology. Check it out here

8.24.17 - Press on our recent DARPA contract

The Institute for Genomic Biology and the School of Molecular and Cellular Biology here at Illinois have both done write-ups on our recent DARPA contract:

7.28.17 - A lot has happened over the past few months...

Meghan and Jiayi both passed their prelims. Also we have welcomed two new postdocs, Fadi Alnaji and Brigitte Martin, as well as a new research specialist, Kelsie Green, to the lab.